Guelph Film Festival/Nov. 5-8, 2015

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The 2014 Guelph Film Festival was a great success, showcasing full length documentaries and fictional short films in downtown Guelph, educating the community on local and international issues centered on the theme of creative resistance.

The festival premiered on Thursday November 13th, with “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story” and “We Be Dumpsta Diving”, two films that focus on food waste reduction. The screenings took place at the Guelph Youth Music Centre and were followed by an after-party, catered by local chef Jeff Sample, who crafted delicious and inventive dishes using underappreciated ingredients.

The theme of the festival was ‘Creative Resistance’ and each documentary showcased individuals who have found creative solutions to the problems that they face. The Hillside Festival, Guelph Dance and the Guelph Jazz Festival presented films this weekend in support of the Guelph Film Festival as part of the Guelph Fab 5.

On the morning of Sunday November 16th, the Guelph Film Festival hosted a screening of “Superhero Shorts”, a series of animated films, where children who attended the event were encouraged to dress up as superheroes. The Children’s Art Factory was overflowing with people, adding to the fun was the bonus of children selling homemade cookies out front and the surprise ending of five Canadian Superheroes showing up to shake hands and be photographed with their young fans. Following the screening, families were invited to attend the Santa Clause parade downtown, which showcased Canadian Superheroes and sparked Guelph’s community spirit as we enter the holiday season.

On the evening of Sunday, Nov. 16, the Festival wrapped up with a screening of “Seth’s Dominion”, a documentary about local illustrator and graphic novelist Seth. Something of a mysterious figure in the community, the crowd was thrilled to have Seth introduce the film and answer questions afterwards, demonstrating his gift for humour and humility.


Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and community sponsors that helped make the festival a success.



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