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A festival of Moving Media

November 13-16, 2014

Creative Resistance

The theme of the Guelph Film Festival this year is Creative Resistance, showcasing documentary films in which people stand up for what they believe and find creative solutions to the problems they face, be it food waste in Just Eat It, women’s health in Vessel, water issues in Divide In Concorde, or the importance of risk for children in The Land. The films Advanced Style and 69: Love, Sex, Senior challenge roles and expectations within society with humour and honesty, while Secret Trial 5 and Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma provide inspiring stories of courage and perseverance. We have a great lineup of films, with visiting directors and community discussions so come to the festival, take a seat, take a stand.

We are also excited about our name change, shifting from the Festival of Moving Media to the Guelph Film Festival. We continue our focus on social justice, the environment, and community with a name better reflecting who we are and what we do.

Hidden Histories: Local Heroes

Hidden Histories is an ongoing series established to highlight local content. This year we are presenting films that put a spotlight on inspiring people in our community. Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma is about a Guelph resident who is an important doctor on the world stage (he accepted the Nobel Prize on behalf of Doctors Without Borders), Seth’s Dominion which animates the world of famed graphic novelist Seth, the Children’s Art Factory short film in which creator Melissa Mazar talks about her treatise on ‘play’ was created by local filmmaker and Oscar nominee Erin Faith Young, we also have We Be Dumpster Diving, in which three Guelph residents rap about the pros and cons of finding food in our fair city. We wrap up our Hidden Histories series with Superhero Shorts, a selection of humorous films for children that help us recognize our potential. These films help us appreciate our community more fully, inspiring us to be bravely take risks.


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