7:15pm, Saturday, November 11
Doors at 6:45pm
Mitchell Hall, St Georges Church

Tickets can be purchased for just the documentary, just the band, or a collective ticket.

People with festival passes are encouraged to buy a ticket for the band in advance, this can be combined with the pass for admission to both events.

Combined ticket $39
Film only $15
Concert only $29

Film tickets can be purchased at the Bookshelf or online https://www.bruha.com/event/2392

For collective tickets or just the band https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1544334/tfly


This November we are partnering with the Hillside Festival and the University of Guelph CSA to present two fantastic nights of cinema and music (Nov 10th & 11th).

Like pairing fine wine and cheese, we’ve worked hard to pair a documentary with the best live music. You can attend the film and concert seperately, but we suggest making a night of it and doing both!



Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shelle
Running time: 89 minutes
Italian w/ English subtitles


“Once upon a time, a tiny town in Tuscany turned its life into a play…”

Several decades ago, a tiny town perched on a hill in Tuscany came up with a unique solution to the problems they were facing. They got together and worked on turning their lives into a play, allowing them to creatively and openly talk about issues and create resolutions. The singular experiment soon became a tradition that continues to this day. Every year, for the past 50 years, their piazza becomes their stage and villagers from 6 to 90 play a part – the role of themselves. This process has brought to light various struggles and challenges they face, both as individuals and as a collective community. In this village theatre isn’t just art, it’s a way of life.




Timber Timbre


Timber Timbre is a Canadian band with members hailing from Toronto and Montreal. Their swampy, folksy music suggests a flare for the dramatic, making the perfect pairing for a documentary about the limits of drama.


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