The Crossing

The Crossing

George Kurian – Norway 2016 – 55 MIN
English & Arabic w/English Subtitles

Saturday, November 5
1 PM – First Baptist Church – $10/Donation

There will be a post-film discussion with recent refugees to Guelph and those that have helped to get them here

Advance tickets are available for this screening

Presented by Students Offering Welcome, an OPIRG Guelph Action Group


Global Storytelling Project: Handel Callender

Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership – Canada 2016 – 5 MIN

The Global Storytelling Project aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the benefits of diversity by creating opportunities to share immigrant stories.

logoHandel Callender will be in attendance.




The Crossing

A first-hand account of the perilous journey made by a group of Syrian refugees. Traversing land and sea on an old fishing boat manned by smugglers, the nail-biting journey leads to Europe where the refugees disperse. Each must battle to stay sane and create an identity among the maze of regulations and refugee hostels. The Crossing shows us the lengths to which people go to find safety and forge their own destiny.


Director George Kurian

director-georgekurianGeorge Kurian is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist currently based in Istanbul. He has lived and worked in Afghanistan and Egypt and he has worked in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey and South Asia. He has worked on a range of documentaries from current affairs and history to human interest and wild life.



sow-logoPresented by Students Offering Welcome, an OPIRG Guelph Action Group

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