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Amy Nicholson – USA 2016 – 16 MIN

Thursday, November 3 at 5-7 PM
Saturday, November 5 at 9-11 AM
Saturday, November 5 at 5-7 PM
Sunday, November 6 at 2-4 PM
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pickle-drawingsThe award-winning 16-minute short is an energetic and amusing overview of what sounds like an entirely traumatizing experience, as it chronicles 25 years of Tom and Debbie Nicholson’s unbelievably bad luck with a bevy of rescue animals, from the eponymous Pickle the fish to an entire flock of ill-fated fowl.

The film’s official synopsis strikes the appropriate balance between off-kilter humour and almost overwhelming heartache: “Let us reflect on the brief existence of Pickle the fish. Although he could not swim, he was lovingly cared for by a couple that kept him propped up in a sponge. Along with an obese chicken, a cat with a heart condition, and a paraplegic possum, his life is a celebration of man’s eternal capacity to care for all creatures. He will be dearly missed.”


Director – Amy Nicholson

Amy Nicholson is a documentary filmmaker and creative director living in New York City. Her first short film, BEAUTY SCHOOL, aired on PBS, NYCTV, and the Documentary Channel. Her first feature film, MUSKRAT LOVELY, was broadcast on the Emmy award-winning Independent Lens. Amy’s latest feature documentary, ZIPPER: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride, won a Special Jury Prize at its World Premiere. It screened at film festivals across the country for almost two years and had a theatrical run in both New York and Los Angeles, qualifying it for an Oscar. Amy’s most recent project is a short titled PICKLE, an inventory of one couple’s rescue menagerie and their often unfortunate demises. PICKLE is currently touring festivals and has garnered several awards.

“I always try to walk the line in my work between something that is serious and something you can laugh at, but you’re laughing with, not at,” she explained. That’s exactly what “Pickle” does.


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