Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest + The Butter Solution

Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest

Katja Gauriloff – Finland 2016 – 84 MIN
Skolt, Sámi, French & Finnish w/ English subtitles

Saturday, November 5
1 PM – Bookshelf Cinema – $12

Advance tickets are available for this screening


The Butter Solution

Kaija Siirala & Emily Collins – USA 2015 – 4 MIN

Director Kiaja Siirala will attend


Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest

kaisa_posterA story about lifelong friendship, the age-old Skolt Sámi legend of the Northern lights, Lapland’s indigenous Sami Skolt tribe that was almost destroyed in WWII, and author Robert Crottet’s campaign to save them. Crafted as is a tribute to the filmmaker’s great-grandmother Kaisa, a celebrated storyteller and seer, director Kaija Gauriloff utilizes archival footage and animation, to reflect the Skolt Sámi’s storytelling and fable songs, called leu’dds.

Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest is really the fruit borne from the friendship between Kaisa Gauriloff, director Katja Gauriloff’s great grandmother, a legendary Skolt Sámi storyteller, and Russian-born Swiss writer Robert Crottet (1908–1987). In 1938 Robert Crottet spent almost a full year in the traditional Skolt Sámi region in the former Finnish territory of Petsamo in the Kola Peninsula, ceded to Russia during the Second World War. As a result the Skolt Sámi community was forced to leave and resettle North of Lake Inari, close to the Finnish border with Norway. Robert Crottet tried to do all he could to bring attention to their plight, to little avail. His admiration for the Skolt Sámi is evidenced in the many books written by him about his experiences in Lapland. His research archives were extensively used in preparation for the documentary.

Director – Katja Gauriloff

Katja Gauriloff was born in Inari, Finland and is part of Lapland’s indigenous Sami Skolt tribe. Today she is a film director and co-owner of the Oktober Production Company. Her previous feature-length doc, “Canned Dreams,” premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012, before heading to Hot Docs and numerous other festivals all over the world.


The Butter Solution

A short film that brings together animation and documentary sound work, The Butter Solution presents a Faroese sea captain telling an unlikely tale of ingenuity to retrieve lost items from the ocean floor.


The Butter Solution Directors – Kaija Siirala and Emily Collins


Directors Kaija Siirala and Emily Collins

After meeting in the Integrated Media Arts MFA program at Hunter College, Kaija Siirala and Emily Collins became fast friends and collaborators.  Emily is the Director of Original Content at Mighty Oak Studios, an animation studio in Brooklyn that she co-founded.  Emily is a creator and educator who has been working in animation for almost ten years. Before moving from Canada to New York to pursue her Master’s degree, Kaija worked as both a sound and picture editor for documentary film.  Interested and informed by an array of artistic media, Kaija is interested in exploring the many forms that non-fiction storytelling can take. Their collaborations bring together a shared interest in small details and the big questions we all think about.  Drawing on Emily’s experience in traditional animation and Kaija’s background in editing and sound design, they work to create visual responses to the stories that people tell.  Emily and Kaija both live and work in Brooklyn, New York.


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